Naviga 2.4

Cybernis’ unique security governance solution, Cybernis Naviga, is designed to step up to this challenge. By providing dynamic strategic, functional, operational and technical security management indicators in management information dashboards, Cybernis Naviga brings together both the business logic and technical competences of the organisation to realise real-time business intelligence and consistent IT security related decision making across the enterprise. Cybernis Naviga delivers the following benefits:

Cybernis Naviga can enable any mid to large scale organisation to dynamically estimate and visualise their global security risks and determine optimised remedial actions across their operations.

Of particular importance to clients is Cybernis Naviga’s ability to:
    1.    Present strategic, functional, operational and technical dashboards.
    2.    Correlate technical threats with functional requirements.
    3.    Prioritise the security investments (benchmark).
    4.    Present the residual risks.
    5.    Consolidate the strategic and technical indicators.
    6.    Real-time information and reporting for auditors (e.g. ISO 27001; PCI DSS) reducing recurring audit costs.
    7.    Solution specifically governs ISO 27000 series compliance. 
    8.    Significantly improved governance of different international and corporate IT security policies. 

Critically, as Cybernis Naviga provides fully informed business intelligence on the security status of the organisation based on its own strategy and priorities, the output reports can be used to dynamically adjust the Business Continuity Plan and even automate the Disaster Recovery Processes. 

For testing this software please visit our demo website, having as Username and Password